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The student's development in Taekwon Do is tracked across a series of coloured belts which run from white to black (9 'Dans' then follow). Rather than just arbitrarily selected though, the colours refer to different stages in the life of a tree which serves as an analogy for the student and their development in the art.


White - refers to snow. By default, white also signifies the student's innocence given that they have no knowledge of Taekwon Do.


Yellow - refers to the sun. As it melts away the winter snow, the conditions are set for the tree to begin growing. Similarly, having begun to understand their first few techniques, the student can start to truly develop. 


Green - represents the first shoot sprouting from the Earth. In essence, the student is finally 'born' and has taken the first step in becoming a mature practitioner of the art.


Blue - refers to the sky which the plant grows ever further towards.


Brown - signifies the trunk of the tree. A critical stage in the student's development as they transform from a young sapling into a mature plant, so to speak.


Black - represents both the death of the tree and the universe. Having attained the 1st Dan Black Belt, the student can now appreciate both the endless techniques and combinations available to them, and also realise the lethal potential of their abilities should a situation ever call for them.

Meaning Behind The Belts


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